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Teenaged Wiki is a reliable wikipedia source all about the Sims 2 machinima series created by YouTube user Komori515

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Teenaged is a Sims 2 series created by user Komori515 on Youtube:

I'm such a great fan of it that I made this wiki to explain the characters and stories and many things.



Alyssa LaMont leads an ordinary social life with her boyfriend Nick, best friend Sam and long time friend Steven. Whenever she falls pregnant at the end of the Summer, her parents are furious. With a bit of luck and generosity, Alyssa's older brother Ethan invites them to stay with him and his fiancée Krista. They accept and get ready for the challenges that's ahead. 


Nick is in college where he meets "Alex". They become friends and she offers him a job interview with her boss, where he accepts. He gets the job and gets an apartment for Alyssa and Josh. After Nick graduates, Alyssa and him get married in a pleasant ceremony. Season 2 is bigger than Season 1. Many stories such as: Anorexia, Teenage Pregnancy (Casey), Miscarriage, Cheating (Krista)

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