Skye Shultz
Skyler "Skye" Shultz
Some attributes
First Name: Skylar Shultz
Second Age: 16/17
Third Spouse: None
Other attributes
Fourth Children: None
Fifth Grandchildren: None
Sixth Looks: Black hair, blue eyes, light skin
 "We've been best friends for a long time, but I don't want to be just friends with you anymore. I..I want...more." -Skye to Casey [Teenaged A New Chapter Part 15]

Skyler "Skye" Shultz is the daughter of Karen and Scott Shultz, sister of Sam and Nick, niece of Kim and aunt of Josh.

Season 1Edit

Skye is hardly seen in Season 1, due to it being all about Alyssa Shultz's (né LaMont) pregnancy. It is known she was

Skye and Casey as kids [Teenaged Part 14]

best friends with Casey even as kids and that they would always play together if the LaMont family and the Shultz family got together. In Part 17 of A New Chapter, Skye mentions she and Casey knew each other since they were 3 years old.

Season 2Edit

In Season 2, Skye is basically too smart. She can tell if anything is wrong or right. Her best friend and brother's wife's sister, Casey starts dating this guy named Adam who smokes and does drugs. At Nick's graduation, Casey tells Skye that ever since New Year, Adam has only wanted to sleep with her. Skye warns her saying her parents wouldn't want another grandchild. She hardly listens and gets abused by Adam, until it stops in Part 10 when Casey's brother Ethan threatens to "beat the shit out of him". Also in Part 10, Casey tells Skye that she is

Skye on her laptop [Teenaged A New Chapter Part 15]

pregnant and Skye makes sure if she's joking. Skye helps Casey through her pregnancy. When Casey starts talking about her new tutor Chase, Skye gets jealous and says she shouldn't be thinking of guys in the moment when she has less than a month to give birth to twins. Casey says she needs a break and Skye tells her she has no time. Suddenly in that conversation, the most shocking thing happened. Skye tells her that they've been best friends for years but she wants "more". She kisses her, discovering she is a homosexual (lesbian). Casey goes away not sure of what to do, after the kiss. On Valentine's day, all Skye does is moan in her room. In Part 16, Nick asks Skye if she had seen Casey but all she does is act grumpy and shout. They eventually reunite in Part 17 and helps Casey give names to the twins: Lily and Wyatt.

Skye becomes jealous when she learns that Casey has a "date" with her tutor and a College Freshman, Chase. She asks about it and Casey tells her they kissed which Skye doesn't like due to her liking Casey.