Krista LaMont
Krista (Kristine) LaMont
Some attributes
First Name: Krista (Kristine) LaMont
Second Age: Mid 20s
Third Spouse: Ethan LaMont
Other attributes
Fourth Children: Liam, Gabi
Fifth Grandchildren: None
Sixth Looks: Brunette, blue eyes, light skin

Krista LaMont is the mother of Liam and Gabi (Gabriella) LaMont, wife of Ethan, sister-in-law of Alyssa and Casey, aunt of Josh, Wyatt and Lily, daughter-in-law of Erica and Kevin LaMont, sister of Kate and Ben, step-daughter of John and daughter of her mom (Idk what her name is)

Season 1Edit

It is known Krista went to college with Ethan and got engaged to him at 20. After college, they moved in with Ethan's parents and began preparing their wedding. Whenever Ethan's sister Alyssa becomes pregnant at 17, they decide to let Alyssa and her boyfriend Nick to stay with them at a new house which they accept. Krista

Krista and Ethan's wedding. [Teenaged Part 16]

seems to be a great help with Alyssa during her pregnancy, being the one she can talk to due her best friend Sam in college. When Alyssa and Nick fall out due to Shannon Alton kissing him, Krista is the one of the people there for her (the other being Ryan Walker). Krista is the one that told Alyssa about the accident (Sam and Nick's car crash). When Alyssa is waiting to give birth to Josh, Krista tells Ethan she is pregnant with his child which he is delighted with. Before Krista and Ethan get married, Alyssa and Nick get engaged. Ethan and Krista get married in a pleasant ceremony. Just before the series ends, Alyssa says that Krista is looking a lot more pregnant, which is true. Season 1 ends with Krista and Ethan happily married, waiting for their newborn baby and Alyssa and Nick romanticly reunited.

Season 2Edit

It's been 3-4 years since Season 1 and Krista has given birth to the baby she was pregnant with in Season 1 named Liam. And recently a new baby girl Gabi.