Josh Shultz
Joshua Samuel Shultz
Some attributes
First Name: Joshua Samuel Shultz
Second Age: 6
Third Spouse: None
Other attributes
Fourth Children: None
Fifth Grandchildren: None
Sixth Looks: Black hair, blue eyes, light skin (Like a clone of his father, Nick)

Josh Shultz (Joshua Samuel Shutlz) is the son of Alyssa and Nick Shultz, cousin of Liam, Gabi, Wyatt and Lily, grandson of Scott, Karen, Erica and Kevin and nephew of Ethan, Casey, Sam and Skye.

Season 1Edit

Alyssa becomes pregnant at 17 years old, where Josh is the baby. After worrying a lot, Josh's uncle (Alyssa's older brother) Ethan invites them to stay with him and his fiancée (Krista: Josh's aunt) where they accept. Alyssa gets kicked out of school due to Josh and the family fight the school but lost the battle. Alyssa spends most of her pregnancy staying home. This is when Ryan comes along. Ryan is Alyssa and Nick's old childhood best friend, and

Josh Shultz in an incubator [Teenaged Part 13]-02-0000-02-0000

he moved back to their town to reconcile. Ryan couldn't believe Alyssa was pregnant but got used to the idea. Whenever Shannon Alton comes along, a new strain affects Alyssa and Nick's relationship. Shannon gets Nick drunk at a party and starts making out with him where Jake (Shannon's boyfriend) finds them and punches Nick in the process. Alyssa, scared for Nick, hugs him once she finds him with a bloody nose. The next day, rumours go around in school saying Nick slept with Shannon but he denies. Later that day, Shannon came along and kissed Nick which Alyssa saw. They have a major fall out and Nick ends up moving back in with his family (The Shultz). After a month, his older sister Sam (Josh's aunt) comes over for the weekend from college for Alyssa's baby shower which Nick never knew about. He tags along where the get into a car crash. Alyssa, panicing, heads to the hospital and never leaves the sibling's side. Shannon and Jake reunite and give an apology to Alyssa where she accepts. As Alyssa apologizes to Nick for believing he'd do that, Sam dies. Alyssa grows ashamed of herself for not caring for Sam when she was in critical condition. Nick awakes and cries for his sister. While mourning for Sam one afternoon, Alyssa's water breaks and she goes into labour. After many hours of waiting, Josh is born but was born unhealthy. Unfortunately he was asthmatic and had hard trouble breathing at birth so he was kept in a incubator for days. When naming him, Alyssa sees a flashback where Sam named him "Josh", so she calls him Josh and his middle name Samuel after Sam. After days, they get to bring Josh home. Before Ethan and Krista get married, Nick proposes to Alyssa where she accepts. Ethan and Krista get married and it's announced Krista is having a baby. One night, Nick tells Alyssa he gets accepted to a university in Penn State. She doesn't want him to go due to a promise he made to her telling her he'll never leave her but she wants him to pursue his dreams so she let's him go. The day he leaves, he apologizes to Alyssa as she's sleeping and cuddles Josh saying "Daddy'll be back soon". When Alyssa finds Nick gone, she suffers an emotional breakdown. When sobbing by a tree, Nick returns saying he couldn't leave her and they kiss

Josh and Alyssa [Teenaged A New Chapter Part 1]

romanticly and that's the end of Season 1.

Season 2Edit

In Season 2, Josh is no longer a newborn but a 4 year old toddler. He now has a cousin Liam (Krista's baby she was pregnant with in Season 1) and Gabi (Gabriella: Born a few years after Liam). His father Nick is in a local college in town where he meets Alex. Due to stress, Nick, Alyssa and Josh move into an apartment. Even though it's a little messy, they're proud to call it home. Alex offers Nick a job interview with her boss and he get's the job. Alyssa is very happy with that. At a New Year's Party, Josh get's looked after by Casey and her boyfriend Adam while his parents go to the party. Alyssa and Ryan reunite and kiss which Alex experiences and Nick didn't know. Due to Nick at college and Alyssa at nursing school, Josh is sent to daycare. After Nick graduates college, his parents get married and the family gets a new home. In Part 8, Josh is now 5 years old and starts his first day of school. It turns out Josh's aunt is pregnant. Josh loses his little brother when Alyssa has a miscarriage, she goes into a deep depression but soon gets over it. In Part 14, Josh suffers a severe asthma attack. Soon after, Josh receives 2 new cousins. Casey gives birth to twins, Wyatt and Lily. As Josh turns 6, he and Ava (Shannon's daughter) begin to hang around a lot.