Erica LaMont
Erica LaMont
Some attributes
First Name: Erica LaMont
Second Age: Mid 40s
Third Spouse: Kevin LaMont
Other attributes
Fourth Children: Alyssa LaMont, Ethan LaMont, Casey LaMont
Fifth Grandchildren: Josh Shultz, Liam LaMont, Gabi LaMont, Wyatt Layton, Lily Layton
Sixth Looks: Blonde, Blue eyes, light skin
 "I sacrificated my dream job in New York City to move here so that you kids could live in a house with a yard and have everything you want. You guys were more important and you always will be. You should be thanking me, Cassalyn Sophia LaMont!" -Erica to Casey [Teenaged A New Chapter Part 18]

Erica LaMont is the mother of Alyssa, Ethan and Casey LaMont, wife of Kevin LaMont, grandmother of Josh, Liam, Gabi, Wyatt and Lily.

Season 1Edit

Erica lived with her husband Kevin, son Ethan, son's fiancée Krista and two daughters Alyssa and Casey when the series first started. When Alyssa told her mother and father she was pregnant, they were filled with anger causing her to run away to Nick Shultz's but returned in the morning. Ethan and Krista get a house and bring Alyssa and Nick with them. Erica tries to persuade Alyssa to put the baby up for adoption, which she first agrees with and then denies. Erica never wanted to be a grandmother in her 40s and expected Ethan to get the first child, not Alyssa, which she is angry of. She was happy to meet her first grandchild, Josh, and came to the Baby Shower. Season 2 ends with Erica's daughter Alyssa happily raising Josh with Nick, son Ethan getting his first child and happily married to Krista and living life with Kevin while raising Casey.

Season 2Edit