Alyssa LaMont
Alyssa LaMont
Some attributes
First Name: Alyssa
Second Age: 21/22
Third Spouse: Nick (Nicholas) Shultz
Other attributes
Fourth Children: Josh Shultz, Deceased baby boy, New baby to come
Fifth Grandchildren: None
Sixth Looks: Blonde, Blue eyes, light skin

Nick: Alyssa...

Alyssa: There's something wrong with him, Nick.

[Nick and Alyssa discussing Josh's poor health]

Alyssa LaMont is the second child and first daughter of Kevin LaMont and Erica LaMont. She has an older brother named Ethan and a younger sister named Casey. She is seventeen and has a strong connection with her boyfriend Nick and is best friends with his older sister Sam at the start of season one.

Season 1Edit

Alyssa LaMont (aged 17 when series starts, aged 22 when series last finished) lives with her parents Erica and Kevin, older brother Ethan (who finished college and got engaged to Krista) and younger sister Casey. She enjoys a good social life and hanging out her boyfriend Nick,File:Nick best friend Sam and good friend Steven. At the start of Summer, she had sex with Nick and became pregnant at 17 years of age. Lucky for

her, Nick stayed with her and the baby but they seemed to drift away, especially whenever their childhood best friend Ryan gets in the picture AND queen bee Shannon Alton tries to have Nick to herself. Shannon

Alyssa LaMont in "Teenaged [Part 1]"

got Nick drunk at a party and they made out in her room which Shannon's boyfriend Jake finds them, which Jake takes his anger out by punching Nick in the face. The next day, rumours spread in school and Ryan tells Alyssa which Alyssa doesn't believe. The same day, Shannon goes to their house and kisses Nick which Alyssa sees. They fall out and Nick moves back in with his parents. On their baby shower, Sam and Nick (who are brother and sister) head to the party and get into a car crash which Nick survives and Sam passes on. Alyssa, so distraught, stays by the sibling's side in the hospital. Shannon apologizes to Alyssa for kissing Nick which Alyssa accepts. Whenever Nick awakes, they forgive each other and hug and kiss. Couple of days later, Alyssa goes into labour and gives birth to a baby boy in the hospital. Unfortunately, the baby is asthmatic which Alyssa has a meltdown. After days, Alyssa sees her baby in the incubicator with Nick and has a flashback: before Sam died, Sam spoke to the baby inside Alyssa's belly and names him Josh, which Alyssa and Nick name him, with Samuel (in mem

Alyssa Lamont with Nick Shultz

ory of her best friend) as his middle name. Joshua Samuel Shultz. After days of waiting, a nurse comes by saying they can take Josh home which they are thankful for. After at least a month, Krista and Ethan get married and Krista becomes pregnant with her son "Liam". Shortly after the wedding, Nick proposes to Alyssa where they first met which she accepts. Due to being kicked out of school, Alyssa can't go to college... but Nick can. He chooses a university in "Penn State" and finds it hard saying goodbye to Alyssa and Josh. Alyssa has an emotional breakdown when she finds that Nick has left. While moaning by a tree, Nick returns saying he couldn't leave her and that is where Season 1 ends.

Season 2Edit

In Season 2, Josh and Liam are now 4 and Krista gave birth to a baby girl a few months before Season 2 begins called Gabi (Gabriella), Nick goes to a college in town and Alyssa feels as if she's raising 3 kids. Due to stress, Nick, Alyssa and Josh move out of Krista and Ethan's place and into their own apartment.

Alyssa in Season 2

Although, it was a mess, they were happy to call it home and Nick's friend Alex (Alexandria) offers him a job interview with her boss which he gets the job. At Nick's work's new year's party, Alyssa meets Ryan after years and Ryan kisses Alyssa due to his feelings for her. Since Alyssa is training to be a nurse, Josh is sent to daycare which they are heartbroken by. Shortly after, Nick graduates college and a party is celebrated at the LaMont household. Alyssa's sister Casey, now a teenager, tells her friend Skye (Nick's living sister) that ever since New Year, her boyfriend Adam just wanted to sleep with her. Skye warns her about getting pregnant but Casey doesn't listen. After graduation, Alyssa and Nick get prepared for their wedding. Due to trying to lose weight, Alyssa passes out before her wedding due to being at a dangerously low weight which discovers she has Anorexia. The night before her wedding, Alyssa talks to her mother Erica about her choices and Erica says she is lucky to have found Nick. Nick and Alyssa have a wonderful wedding, during the party, Alyssa's grandmother tells Nick that they bought them a dream home. Alyssa and Nick's honeymoon was amazing and they were so relaxed. When Alyssa discovers their new home after the honeymoon, she couldn't thank her family enough.

1 year later, Krista and Ethan move into a different home, Alex and Ryan (who are a couple) were engaged a week after Nick and Alyssa's wedding and Alex became pregnant  AND they asked Ni


Alyssa and Nick hugging on Josh's first day of school

ck and Alyssa to be the baby's godparents, Nick began working much more than usual and Alyssa was finishing Nursing School.  On Josh's first day of school, Alyssa couldn't believe her little baby was growing up so fast. Casey's boyfriend Adam becomes abusive and ends up giving her a black eye. Alex soon gives birth to a girl named "Harper". Nick asks Alyssa of having another child but Alyssa isn't as planned out as he is. She asks Krista for advice and she says it's about time Josh has a little brother or sister. It turns out Alex saw Ryan kiss Alyssa which she tells Nick and THEY end up kissing. They soon reconcile and are back to happy times. In the park one day, Ethan and his kids were there the same time Adam and Casey were. Adam shoves Casey which Ethan sees and shoves him back. Nick finds Steven and they have a long chat, saying he met a woman named "Melanie" and they're engaged. It turns out Casey is pregnant with Adam's child, which the family is distraught by. ALSO Alyssa is pregnant but unfortunately has a miscarriage and shuts herself out from everyone. But whenever Nick's mother, Karen visits, she tells Alyssa that she has a dead child too but she goes on in life because she has to which Alyssa returns to the "real world". At Christmas, Alyssa figures out that Casey is 6 months

Alyssa with her family on Christmas Eve.

pregnant and is angry they didn't tell her. At New Year, the family gets ready for a brand new year. It turns out, Casey must give up her baby for adoption which Alyssa tells Casey it's her decision which Casey tells her she is an outcast in the family. On Alyssa's first day of work, Josh has a severe asthma attack on a school trip. Alyssa becomes worried if it happens again but Nick confronts her saying loads of kids have it and they're perfectly fine. It turns out Casey is going to have TWINS. Nick goes away for a business trip nearing Valentine's Day and Casey gets a tutor. Alyssa gets therapy due to her Anorexia. On Valentine's Day, Ethan and Krista have a romantic night in, Alex and Ryan do too, Shannon (her, Nick and Alyssa reconciled and she has a daughter Ava) spends Valentine's Day alone due to Jake being in the army, Nick comes home early and he and Alyssa have sex. A few days later, it turns out Casey, due to stress over the adoption, has fled town and Erica has blamed herself. After searching for Casey, Adam finds her and takes her home. That night, Alyssa asks Nick what date it is and he tells her it is March 5th. She asks this because she has missed her period. Casey is in labor and gives birth to twins which she passes out, while Alyssa takes a pregnancy test and Nick catches her. Casey wakes up and finds her babies and snuggles with them. Alyssa and her family visits Casey and her niece and nephew (the twins) in hospital and tells her to make the right decision and what's best for the babies. Alyssa, Nick, Ryan and Alex go for a night out and get drunk, Alyssa has her 1st hangover. Casey puts her babies up for adoption which she regrets and the adoptive parents haven't contacted her. Sam's 5th death anniversary arrives and it is a very memorable and somber day. Alyssa, Nick and Josh go to Harper's 1st birthday party. While rollerskating, Alyssa and Josh fall and go to hospital. Alyssa isn't able to have a CT scan and it turns out Alyssa is pregnant! Nick is ecstatic about it. Shannon invites Josh to go on an outing to the Children's' Museum with her and Ava. Alyssa finds it is still hard to forgive and forget. Nick gets a stroller for the baby but Alyssa isn't happy because she didn't want to think about the baby at that point. Josh's birthday arrives and they all go to dinner and have party at the LaMont household. Alyssa and Nick get Josh a bicycle for his birthday which he is speechless of.